25 Feb - The Competitor and Staff photo galleries are now available via the Pix and Vids menu. A HUGE thanks to our good friend Gabby for generously volunteering her valuable time to help me with photos on both Saturday and Sunday.

23FEB - The 2016 Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship was a huge success.  What a great time and the weather was fantastic The match ran smoothly thanks to our wonderful staff and scoring was done in record time thanks to PractiScore and Hal9000. 

We want to thank our sponsors Dreadnaught Industries LLC, SWFA, AR15 Targets, Texas State Rifle Association, and Gulf Coast Graphics.  

The stages were both challenging and fun which is a difficult combination to achieve.  Targets ranged from contact to 220 yards.  Five of the seven stages had active moving targets and one stage had the shooter doing a LOT of moving.  On Stage Seven one of the two shooting position moved.  That prop will henceforth be known as “The Bridge from Hell.”

As mentioned previously our staff was fantastic most of whom came out the weekend prior to the match to do range cleanup then worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to setup and run the match.  A lot of work goes on months prior to match day and we want to thank Nightmare and Hal9000 for doing most of the pre match prep.

Thanks to all who participated because without our shooters, there would be no Pirates match.  For those of you who missed the match this year good news, we are going to do it again next year.

The Staff and Competitor Photo galleries will be posted soon.

18 FEB -We had a few staff members unable to shoot on Saturday so we've rearranged the Saturday squads slightly. Additionally, in order to be able to include both Saturday and Sunday shooters in the same PractiScore match, we had to renumber the Saturday squads to 8,9,10, and 11. So for those shooting Saturday be sure and pick the correct squad number when scoring.

Saturday Squads

And, I should have put this on the website earlier since the info was only on the application so here are the times for all three days.

0800: Breakfast (Taqueria Jalisco - Woolridge/Cimarron <http://goo.gl/maps/acDS5>)
0915: At the range for initial stage setup
Distribute shirts and tickets.

0700: Breakfast (same place)
0800: At the range for final setup of targets, etc.
Distribute shirts and sign-up for match competitors
0900-0930: Shooter's Meeting

0630: At the range for final setup. We will have water and taquitos for the staff
0700: Registration begins for match competitors
0800: Shooters meeting in the pavilion behind the Starry public bays
0830: Start shooting

17 FEB - We have finalized the squadding for Saturday and Sunday and Mother Nature seems to be on our side weather-wise.

Saturday Squads

Sunday Squads

We did our very best to accomodate all the "friend" requests.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

14 FEB - We decided to replace the plate racks on Stage 7 with knock down steel for the Rimfire shooters. This will avoid inadvertent "hit" calls that we typically get when rounds strike the structure of the plate rack and not the plates. We have also settled on blue painted steel for the centerfire targets, that color turned out to be the most easily visible.

30JAN - We still have about 15 slots left for the match so if you're thinking about joining us, I would get my app in pretty soon.

And, we have finalized the stages and the match booklet is available via the main menu. This year, rather than have everyone wait until match day to see the stages, we thought we would publish the match booklet early so everyone could have some time to study the stages and ask any questions that might come up. If there are any, we can get them answered ahead of time and avoid confusion on match day.

Also, one of our prop creators came up with a pretty sinister one for this year..the bridge on Stage 7. Here are two links so you can see what it looks like and, see what it's like to walk acrossed it.

The Bridge Photo

The Bridge Video

The creator, our hard-working "Sind Zu" aka "R2", aka Roy will also be the CRO on that stage so you can give him your thoughts directly after shooting the stage. We did test out the bridge last weekend and quite a few people were able to hit all the steel targets. However, we only tested it a 80yds, not 200, so there may be fewer people who are able to clean the stage in 120 seconds. :-)

15OCT - It's time again for our annual Pirates match and we hope you can join us. Since last year, like many clubs, we have moved our scoring to PractiScore which will definitely speed things up. However, just so everyone knows in advance, we will not have copies of your scoresheets to sign so if you want to note your scores after each stage, be sure and have the scorekeepers show you the tablet screen.

Applications are available for download via the APPLICATION menu choice above. Other than the PractiScore change, everything will be pretty much as it has been in previous years so those of you who have shot with us before will be right at home.