14FEB15 - Put up two photo galleries in the PIX&VIDS menu..one for competitors and one for staff. A HUGE thanks to Jessica for handling the match photography this year!

19FEB15 - The thank you's and comments from the TC Staff...

From Maytag:

Wow what a trip, all of the months of prep, great weather, staff, and shooters made for a super match, and It was a fitting tribute of our dear friend "Spider". What made me smile most was "Spider Too" Jake Pankin brought "Spider" out in his new home a very cool ammo can which even had a spider painted on it. During the Saturday staff shoot both Spiders cruised with me in my buggy. Sunday "Spider" stayed in the stat shack to make sure Hal 9000 and Sal 9000 computed the scores correctly. He was also watching over the prize table. Speaking of which our Match Sponsor Alamo Tactical provided us with a FN SCAR Rifle and a very custom Glock pistol, and from our Gold Sponsor, Dreadnaught Industries, we received an unbelievable AR-15.

The best part of the match for me and also for Spider Two was the prize drawing. I was telling everyone we had some caps to give away so when his ticket was called first he thought he got his choice of caps, imagine how he felt when we told him he had is choice of the table not just a cap. Well he choose the FN SCAR because they had laser engraved a spider and the match title on the receiver, how cool was that?

As for the match itself all of the props worked great and the stages provided a challenge to everyone. The hands down favorite was Hal 9000's stage 6 and the stage most cursed was my stage 4. Just because of the pesky pallet stack several people threatened to burn down my house if I didn't burn the pallet stack. As always R2 Design (Justin Credible and R2,) kept their tradition of a prize for anyone who ran their stage clean. In years past they gave away a box of once fired primers, or a new car (hot wheel). This year's surprise was a DQ but it was the good kind, the kind where you get a Blizzard. So this year if you shot the stage one for one you got a short scare when they told you that you were DQ'd then they gave you a gift card to Dairy Queen.

Thanks to everyone for making the 2015 Terry "Spider" Panknin Memorial Classic best ever Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship.


From HAL9000:

We could not have asked for better weather for the 2015 Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship. Except for one brief rain shower the weather was great. We had 128 shooters participate this year. The stages were very fun and challenging. You could hear the steel ringing all over the range. The stage designers are already planning their evilness for next year.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors who made the prize table awesome. Our main match sponsor was Alamo Tactical and they provided a custom built FN Scar rifle and a customized Glock 41 pistol. Our gold sponsor was Dreadnaught Industries and they provided a customized AR15. The handguard looked very cool with their logo engraved on both sides. It was even a battleship grey color when they finished customizing it.

We would like to thank all of our staff who helped run the match. They did a superb job of keeping everything flowing smoothly. Our photographers took a lot of pictures that we will post over the next week. Scoring went very well.

We would like to thank all of our shooters who came out. It was great to see all of you and we look forward to seeing you again next year.


From Nightmare:

The 4th annual Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship is in the books and we hope everyone enjoyed the match. Fortunately, Mother Nature was kind to us once again and the weather was nearly perfect.

The scores are posted and congratulations to all those who received trophies. In many cases there were only a few seconds between competitors. There is also a PDF version of the scores as well which can be easily downloaded then viewed or printed.

The Staff and Competitor Photo galleries will be available soon via the PIX & VIDS menu.

There are too many staff to thank individually but as was mentioned at the match, we simply could not put on an event like this without your dedicated support so please accept our sincere thanks for helping make this match such a huge success.

Finally, thanks to all our sponsors and to all the shooters for choosing to attend this year. We had many, many compliments throughout the day which of course makes us feel good but more importantly, those comments are our way of determining how well we did and I think it is safe to say we got a lot of things right this time.

Most sincerely,

The TC Gang



Texas Carbine experienced a tragedy on April 8th of this year. Our dear, dear friend, Terry "Spider" Panknin passed away. Spider was one of our original four TC "core group" members and worked tirelessly to make our club a success. He was truly a Thomas Edison of his time and could fix or build anything we came up with.

Consequently, we decided to dedicate this year's match to him and while we miss him dearly, we know he will be with us in spirit this year.

Please view our "INFO" and "FAQ" pages from the menu above for some new changes as well as general questions.

Finally, we look forward to seeing those who have shot our match in the past as well as first time attendees.

The TC Gang




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